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Micro Python…. Si, asi es, Python para Microcontroladores !!

El lenguaje de programación Python ofrece una gran simplicidad a la vez que mucha potencia junto a un buen montón de librerías disponibles que permiten hacer casi cualquier cosa de forma relativamente rápida. Era solo cuestión de tiempo que alguien ofreciera la posibilidad de hacerlo funcionar en un microcontrolador. Eso es precisamente lo que hace esta pequeña placa llamada Micro Python y que está basada en un ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F405RG de 32bits y corriendo a la impresionante velocidad de 168 MHz.

No le falta casi de nada, ya que en tan diminuto tamaño tenemos 2 puertos SPI, 2 x CAN, 2x I2C, 5 puertos USART a la vez que 30 pines I/O. Cabe destacar también la presencia de un pequeño zócalo para tarjetas de memoria Micro SD para almacenamiento !
The pyboard is a compact and powerful electronics development board that runs MicroPython. It connects to your PC over USB, giving you a USB flash drive to save your Python scripts, and a serial Python prompt (a REPL) for instant programming. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

MicroPython is a complete re-write of the Python (version 3.4) programming language so that it fits and runs on a microcontroller. It includes many optimisations so that it runs efficiently and uses very little RAM.

MicroPython runs bare-metal on the pyboard, and essentially gives you a Python operating system. The built-in pyb module contains functions and classes to control the peripherals available on the board, such as UART, I2C, SPI, ADC and DAC.
There are 3 main ways to control the pyboard:

* REPL: Connecting to your PC via USB, the board appears as a USB virtual comms port (CDC VCP) and you can use any serial program to connect and get a Python REPL prompt. This allows you to instantly type and execute Python commands, just like you would when running Python on your PC. You can also redirect the REPL to any of the UARTs on the pyboard.

* Remote script: You can change from REPL to raw REPL mode by sending ctrl-A, and then in raw REPL mode you can send an arbitrary Python script to the board for it to execute immediately. A Python script is available which makes using this mode very simple: you just run python pyboard.py script_to_run.py and this will executescript_to_run.py on the pyboard, returning any output.

* From file: The pyboard has a small, built-in filesystem which lives in part of the flash memory of the microcontroller. It also has an SD card slot if you want to extend the available storage. When you connect the pyboard to your PC, it appears as a USB flash storage device and you can access (mount) the internal filesystem and the SD card this way. If you copy a Python script to the filesystem and call it main.py then the board will execute this script when it starts up. This way you can run scripts without being connected to a PC.


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